The organizers cordially invite you to submit a contribution to the conference proceedings. All contributions will, of course, be peer-reviewed. The Proceedings of the Workshop will be published in Progress in Theoretical Chemistry and Physics (Springer): in 2013.

Please submit your manuscript in electronic form to one of the coeditors not later than January 18, 2013. Also kindly suggest three referees. If you have a problem meeting the deadline you may contact one of the coeditors.

The coeditors:
Pr Matti Hotokka (
Pr Jean Maruani (
Pr Erkki Brändas (
Pr Gerardo Delgado-Barrio (

Manuscripts should be preferably submitted by e-mail. If your manuscript file is too large to be conveniently handled by e-mail you may also upload the manuscript to the conference web site. In that case, please also notify the intended co-editor by e-mail.