All aspects of quantum theory are covered at the Workshop. However, the main topics are

  • Concepts and Methods in Quantum Chemistry (CMQC)
  • Relativistic Effects in Quantum Chemistry (REQC)
  • Molecular Structure, Dynamics, and Spectroscopy (MSDS)
  • Atoms and Molecules in Strong Electric and Magnetic Fields (AMSF)
  • Reactive Collisions and Chemical Reactions; Catalysis (RCCR)
  • Condensed Matter; Complexes and Clusters; Surfaces and Interfaces (CCSI)
  • Molecular and Nano Materials, Electronics and Biology (MNEB)
  • Computational Chemistry, Physics and Biology (CCPB)

The info desk at the conference site will be open on Sunday August 19, 2012, from 12:30 to 6 pm On all other conference days it will be open 8-16.